About Us


About Us

Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt) Limited is an organization that provides Technical Training to the younger generation interested in sharing their skills and contribute to Sri Lanka's Economic Development.

We are proud of the accomplishments we have made thus far by sending technical trainees to developed countries such as Japan for valuable technical training that cannot be acquired in Sri Lanka. Technical trainees who were successfully transferred to Japan were able to secure employment with Japanese corporations for a five-year period. Our goal is to train Sri Lankan youth in Japanese technology so that they can earn and share their expertise when they return to Sri Lanka, thereby improving overall living standards.



Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt) Limited’s primary objective is to improve youths’ capacity for long-term employment. Our training and educational programs are designed to focus on Quality, Innovation, and Lifelong Learning by providing talented minds with the skill sets that will establish them as a major driving force for technological advancement and economic development. Our goal is to serve as a bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skilled worker in Japan and Sri Lanka.


Making a notable contribution towards economic development, friendship and cooperation between Sri Lanka and Japan.


Send Sri Lankan youth to Japan to receive high technical knowledge and skills for the goal of helping to Sri Lanka's economical development by offering superior services to the relevant institution in Japan, and finally carry out a winning project for both countries.


Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt) Ltd is a company founded in Japan and Sri Lanka in 2006 with the full sponsorship of the governments of Sri Lanka and Japan. Initially, it served as an accepting and sending organization for vocationally trained youth in Sri Lanka to participate in training programs in Japan. Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt) Ltd presently recruits for positions in several countries under the categories of Trainings, SSW, Professional, and Working, among many others.

Our objective is to provide a pathway for corporate advancement, support the economy of that country, and provide solutions for unemployment in our country for educated youth who are intelligent and active in Japan and other friendly countries around the world. Moreover, this will result in the influx of foreign of advanced technology and foreign exchange from friendly countries to our motherland and the development of strong friendships with other countries that promote a win-win strategy for both parties.


Dr. Sunil Gamage


License To Carry on The Business of a Foreign Employment Agency

Skill and knowledge are the driving elements behind economic success and social development. Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt) Ltd follow the National Policy. We hope to equip a workforce with enhanced skills, knowledge, and internationally recognized certifications, allowing them to get access to decent jobs and ensuring Sri Lanka's competitiveness in the dynamic global labor market.


Certification of Business Incorporation

Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt)Ltd, was incorporated in year 2006.05.02 under the companies Act No;17of 1982. In 03rd March 2010, Tsukuba Technical Promotions (Pvt)Ltd was reregistered with New No: PV17907 under section 485(6) of the Companies Act No: 7 of 2007.


Eliminate unnecessary items that are not needed for operations.
Organize training materials to give learners the best opportunity.
Quality-control checks for training materials before they "go live"
Monitor trainees on the job to assess if instructions are followed
Continuous analysis of lean policy to abate waste & increase value