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Aug / 17
18 August 2017

Opportunity for 200 Sri Lankan students to study at the University of Communication, Japan

The preliminary discussions for the annual recruitment of 200 Sri Lankan students to the University of Communication under the Japanese government have been held under the chairmanship of the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka-Japan Parliamentary Friendship Association, Japanese Parliamentarian Mr. Odach Moto Yoki.
Feb / 15
22 February 2015

Japanese assistance to move analog electronics to digital mode in Sri Lanka

Subject to world wide advances in electronics and computer science, assistance from the Japanese government to initiate allied advances is now opportune and synchronized with projected development.
May / 12
9 May 2012

Modern technology from Japan for the development of Sri Lanka

The Ministers of Agriculture, Forest resources, Fisheries, Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan have expressed their interest to the Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development, Mr. Dr. Rajitha Senaranta, to provide the training and methodology for the development of Sri Lanka.
May / 12
8 May 2012

Japan to provide technical know-how in fisheries

Japanese agriculture, forestry and fisheries minister Michihiki Kano agrees to provide modern technological training for Sri Lanka fisheries industrialists. Japan is ready to grant assistance to development programs of Sri Lanka in every field.
Apr / 06
7 April 2006

An agreement on employment in Japan

Vocational and Industrial Training Minister Piyasena Gamage and Topid Inaisi from Japan's Tsukuba Institute signed an agreement at the Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training to give opportunity for vocational and industrial-trained Sri Lankan youth three-year salaried advanced technology contracts in Japan.